Monarch Net Mix is a multiple network bonding software, specially designed for Live streaming. It can bind multiple networks like Ethernet, WiFi, 4G/5G modem together to provide maximum bandwidth for smooth live streaming. It can work with any Windows7 or higher PC/laptop and does not require any specialized hardware. It can work with any software.


  • It binds multiple internet connection together to ensure a more reliable net connectivity - if any network connectivity fails, we can still have connectivity using other available connections.

  • It is a very cost effective solution. You can adopt monthly or instance-wise subscription as per your requirement. No long-term commitments required.

  • FAST
  • It binds multiple mobile network with broadband and Wifi to give maximum throughput with lightning fast speed. It binds upto 10 internet connections.

  • It automatically detects streaming traffic and prioritizes it for a smooth and stable live streaming.

  • It can be used as a most viable solution to achieve stable and scalable internet connectivity, in situations wherein the internet speed is not reliable and thoroughly inadequate using a single network provider.