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Virtiset WOW

Virtiset WOW


Monarch Virtiset Wow™ is a new generation virtual studio solution with the ability to use as tracking and trackless virtual studio in a single system. It is integrated with data driven Augmented reality & photo realistic graphics built on “REALIA GRAPHICS ENGINE”


Enter into the dream world of augmented reality with Virtiset Wow….. It is integrated with Augmented reality & photo realistic graphics built on “REALIA GRAPHICS ENGINE” the most power packed engine with capability to render most complex virtual sets having minute details of light, shadows mapped on virtual objects, PBR (Physically based rendering), SSR (Screen space reflections) high quality multi layered texturing, refractions, animated objects, Talent bill-boarding and many more intricate designs. Now you can enhance your imagination and presentation of your programs using every kind of augmented reality objects embedded in virtual sets..


Monarch Virtiset Wow™ comes with a proprietary hardware breakout box with easy to use software user interface.


Optical pattern tracking technology delivers high precision graphics synchronization with real environment. It also supports up to 10 Trackless virtual camera movements for economical solution. Plus, it has the ability to use tracking and trackless mix together to give more complex camera views which is out of the reach of physical camera. Tracking can be done using Crane, Dolly or even Handheld cameras.


Virtiset Wow’s in-built chroma keyer with advanced algorithm is one of the best in the industry today. No need for external chroma keyer, easy to key any color with controls for edge softness, post key color corrections, matte view, ambient color on talent.


Monarch Virtiset Wow™ is extremely powerful and versatile tool, with a simple set-up and easy to use intuitive user interface. Monarch Virtiset Wow™has in built and integrated switcher module for mixing of live inputs and internal stored media content, like video clips, still images, graphics and network sources. Monarch Virtiset Wow™ enables production in minimal studio space and yet deliver a perception of a grand studio to the viewers. The solution uses 3D virtual sets which completely eliminates the need of physical set and its construction cost.


  • User controlled augmented reality
  • Physically based rendering (PBR)
  • Screen space reflection (SSR)
  • Refraction
  • Advanced chroma keyer algorithm
  • Depth of field effects
  • Talent shadow mapped on 3D object
  • Change textures in virtual set and customization
  • Bone and cloth animation support
  • Bill-boarding
  • Virtual DVE motion between virtual cameras
  • Mix and transition effects between virtual cameras and live inputs
  • Real-time look ahead preview
  • Media players and playlist
  • Down stream keyer (DSK)
  • Lower third graphics overlay
  • Predefined virtual set library for various programs
  • Easy to use switcher like user interface
  • Supports HD & SD
  • Supports all well-known third party 3D modelling software
  • PAL and NTSC


  • Complete tracking and trackless 3D Virtual studio system
  • In-built chroma keyer
  • Minimal calibration time required
  • Seamlessly integrate live talents with 3D virtual set
  • Use as virtual studio as well as live switcher
  • Easy setup of studios and outdoor or event productions
  • Pre-installed ready to use 3D virtual sets with imm5ersive graphics
  • Customize objects in the set
  • Cost effective