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Monarch redefines the concept of multi ME switcher by introducing Emee Cast. Monarch Emee Cast is 8 live camera inputs multiple PIP window & DVE switcher which is able to display one, two or up to 10 windows simultaneously on the single screen all at once. This switcher like interface is very useful and easy to produce programs like Panel Discussion, Talkshows, Debate etc. where multiple participants needs to be show on the single screen in multiple windows. Built in Matrix switcher for assigning any inputs to any bus. It can work independently as stand alone switcher.

Salient Features

  • Cost effective system compared to the expensive multiple M/E switchers available in the market
  • Simultaneous 8 live video inputs in HD/SD format
  • Integration of external CG through DSK support
  • Built in Matrix switcher for assigning any inputs to any bus
  • Real time look ahead preview through SDI port
  • Built in chroma keyer for two video inputs which can be used with computer generated backgroundsr
  • Participants name overlay for identification of input sources and automatic change of text with input source change in PIP windows
  • Wipe transitions with customized wipe pattern and sound effect
  • Built in digital disk players for video clips and images
  • Built in ready to use predefined PIP window templates
  • Include source from remote place trough network input

Key Features

  • Complete hardware & software solution
  • Balanced analog & SDI embedded audio
  • Easy to use touch screen user interface
  • Built-in Multiviewer
  • Failsafe mechanical bypass
  • Tally out for all inputs


  • Emee Cast provides the capability to achieve multiple windows at very affordable cost
  • The built in input matrix (router) allows the user to assign any input source to the 10 buses available in the system
  • It occupies minimal space in PCR room
  • The system is housed in a computer system and can be easily transported to live production location

Area of Application

  • News Channels
  • Election Analysis
  • Talk Shows and Panel Discussions
  • OB van integration for outdoor coverage
  • Group video conferencing
  • Religious discourses